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Snoezz B.V.

Snoezz B.V. is a young innovative company specializing in coloring flowers and plants, especially orchids. The production of these colored orchids takes place in the Netherlands, Rotterdam area.

After a long period of improving and completing the coloring process, the quality and the durability of the colored orchids has been optimized so that we are now ready to launch these beautiful colored orchids on a global scale.

Intellectual property

Snoezz highly values the quality of her products and services and therefore uses the newest innovative technologies. These technologies are protected by patents or patents are pending that can be granted at any moment. Examples thereof are the following International (PCT) patent applications:

  • WO2015/047082A1; and
  • WO2015/047083A1.

Furthermore, the trademark SNOEZZ is registered, amongst others in the Benelux (registration number 0975146).

Coloring process

For the process of coloring the orchids, we use a selection of natural well grown and cared for orchids. By using a patented process these natural orchids will change color and the orchid will keep this color untill it stops flowering. When the orchid flowers once again the flowers will grow back in its natural color.

The colored orchids are available now in a blue and green color, see examples of our beautiful colored orchids under the heading 'products'.

The orchids are tested frequently to maintain and to improve the standard of quality and durability. Also different new colors are currently being tested and examined to expand our assortment of colored orchids in the future with a large range of colors.

To enjoy these colored orchids for as long as possible, please read the 'care tips' carefully.


Snoezz B.V carefully selects a number of growers, producers and distributors with the exclusive right to produce and distribute the colored orchids. This selection results in cooperation agreements with different experts from different countries all over the world, also meaning that there is one particular person responsible for the distribution of the colored orchids in a given country.

In large parts of Europe and beyond the colored orchids share the same brand: SNOEZZ. In other parts of the world different names will be used for the same product but with the same standard of quality and durability by using the same patented process.

Check out the heading 'sales area' to see if these beautiful colored orchids are already available in your country. For who is interested in a collaboration with Snoezz B.V. contact us.

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